Furniture Care

How to care for your Ready to Assemble (RTA) Furniture?

Our furniture is resistant to minor everyday hazards: however some precautions are necessary to maintain the beauty of your furniture.


Please clean regularly. Even a small film of dust can actually create small scratches on the finishing, eventually exposing the wood, making it vulnerable to further damage.

Daily care and Maintenance.:

  • Clean surfaces with a clean, dry or slightly damp cloth with water to help trap the dust instead of sending it airbourne just to land right back on your furniture and dry completely with another clean cloth. DONOT USE DETERGENT.
  • Use a soft lint-free cloth to gently dust your furiture.
  • Use pads beneth accessories and when writing or eating.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  • Do not use silicon or spray polishes as they may leave a residue on the surface of the furniture.
  • Do not place very hot or very cold items on the surface unless adequately thick table mats are used to prevent such items from coming into contact with the surface.
  • Remove liquid spills promptly.
  • Avoid contact with cigarettes, hot dishes, harsh solvents such as nail polish, alcohal and mositure.

Occasional Care and Maintenance - Every 3 Months

  • We recommend use of 3M wax liquid polish.
  • Apply a small over the furniture and buff witha clean lint-free cloth. This will bring your piece back to its natural beauty.
  • Care must be taken not to use too much of this polish and any excess must be removed with a dry cloth.

General Care and Maintenance

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and avoid average room tempratures.
  • If drawers are sticking or gaps appear in joints, check level of humidity in the room where the furniture is placed or check the drawer channels if they are filled with dust.
  • Protect surfaces with coasters or mats from hot dishes.


Never drag furniture when moving it; always lift it !

Safety guide

  • Please do not drag or push your furniture. this may cause the piece to become unstable.
  • Do not rock or stand on chairs.

Safety tips for Glass Furniture

  • Do not use anything abrasive to clean these surfaces. Use a glass cleaning liquid or soapy water.
  • Protect the surfaces from scratches and marks by using coasters or mats.
  • If the glass is chipped or broken stop using the product and consult the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Do not place very hot or very cold items on the glass surface unless adequately thick table mats are used to prevent such items from coming into contact with the glass.
  • Do not sit or stand upon the glass surface.
  • Do not use glass as a chopping surface.
  • Do not strike the glass with hard or pointed items.
  • Use damp cloth with washing-up liquid or soft soap if necessary,, when cleaning glass panels.
  • Do not use washing powders or any other substances containg abrasives since these substances scratch glass.

No warranty on Glass in any case

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